Pressure Washing Vs SoftWashing


Pressure Washing

  • 2000-4000 PSI of pressure inches away from the surface

  • Damaging and creates liabilites

  • NEVER should be used for regular maintenance

  • Blasts off top layer of surfaces, leaving roots behind

  • Will void roof warranties



  • Safe and gentle – Operates at 45 PSI

  • Solution achieves 100% kill ratio

  • Only method approved by Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association

  • Detergents do the cleaning work (no high pressure risk)

Benefits of Soft Washing your house verses Pressure Washing:


Soft washing is safer for your roof. Soft washing uses 50 to 70 psi compared to pressure washing that uses 1500 to 4000psi.


Soft washing results in a deeper clean. Soft washing kills all growth and stains whereas pressure washing only blasts the top layer off.


Your roof and exterior surfaces will remain cleaner, longer. Soft washing lasts 1 to 2 years whereas pressure washing typically only lasts a few months.


Your roof warranty will remain in effect. Soft washing will not void your manufacturers warranty, however pressure washing your roof will void your warranty.

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